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Changes to Public Rights of Way – Dodleston and Pulford

Changes to Public Rights of Way – Dodleston and Pulford 

As you may be aware Network Rail is currently delivering a project, funded by Welsh Government, to improve journeys between north and south Wales. 

This scheme will enable shorter end-to-end journey times between Holyhead and Cardiff, help to keep more trains on time in the Chester area, and will see four level crossings made safer at Green Lane (near Saltney), Balderton, Pulford and Broad Oak (near Rossett). 

It will also involve track improvements to increase maximum speeds and will double the track between Wrexham and Chester – specifically between Rossett and Saltney. 

As part of the long term plan to make the railway safer, it is our intention to stop the Public Rights Of Way (PROWs) from crossing the railway at Dodleston and Pulford. In addition to crossing the railway, both routes also cross the A483 and with increased volumes of traffic on the road and trains travelling at higher speeds, the crossings are increasingly a safety risk to pedestrians. The footpath crossing points have been temporarily closed for the past 20 months to allow modification works on the railway to take place. However, the paths are still open for anyone who wishes to inspect the potential impact of the changes being proposed. 

We are consulting on an initial proposal which will be to extinguish the footpaths on the east side of the railway as shown on the enclosed plan (ref: NSW/01). On the west side of the railway, we are proposing to extinguish two of the paths and create a new route around the village of Dodleston (ref: NSW/02). We are working closely with Cheshire West and Chester Council and are hoping to satisfy the local community and landowners with these proposals. 

I hope you will understand our reasoning behind making these changes and support our proposals to make the railway safer for users as well as the footpaths safer for pedestrians. 

I would welcome your feedback on the proposed changes to these PROWs. Please contact me on 07710 958283 or via email: Sara.Crombie@networkrail.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Yours sincerely 

Sara Crombie 

Communications Manager 

Network Rail, Wales